The Way of the Blind: League of Legends Mobile Xayah Equipment Guide (Invisible Assassin: LOL Mobile Xayah Equipment Revealed)

The Way of the Blind: League of Legends Mobile Xayah Equipment Guide (Invisible

The Way of the Blind: League of Legends Mobile Xayah Equipment Guide (Invisible Assassin: LOL Mobile Xayah Equipment Revealed): Many players in LOL Mobile enjoy playing as the hero Xayah, but they may not know how to properly equip themselves. Today, I will provide a comprehensive Xayah equipment guide in the game “The Way of the Blind: League of Legends”. Let’s take a look together. I hope it can help everyone.

In the game “The Way of the Blind: League of Legends”, here is the Xayah equipment guide:

For the first item, we choose the Bloodthirster to increase our attack power.

For the second item, we choose the Randuin’s Omen to boost our physical defense.

For the third item, we choose the Guardian Angel to increase our survivability.

For the fourth item, we choose the Frozen Heart to enhance our skill cooldown reduction.

For the fifth item, we choose the Liandry’s Torment to increase our magic damage.

For the sixth item, we choose the Zhonya’s Hourglass to amplify our damage and spell power.

For the seventh item, we choose the Mercurial Scimitar to enhance our survivability.

Invisible Assassin: LOL Mobile Xayah Equipment Revealed

In LOL Mobile, Xayah is a powerful hero. So how can we make the most of this hero? Below, I will provide an equipment guide for the “Invisible Assassin” Xayah.

[Recommended Equipment]

For the starting item, we choose the Doran’s Shield to increase health and resistance.

For the second item, we recommend Sunfire Aegis, which increases physical penetration and provides additional health, further improving Xayah’s survivability.

For the third item, we suggest Death’s Dance, which enhances Xayah’s physical attack and also increases movement speed, enhancing her mobility and roaming abilities.

For the fourth item, we recommend Phantom Dancer, which increases Xayah’s attack speed and critical strike chance, and also increases attack range, improving her chances of chasing down enemies.

For the fifth and sixth items, we recommend Thornmail, which increases physical attack and magic defense.

For the final item, you can consider Guardian Angel or Warmog’s Armor based on the situation on the field.

After completing the first item, we need to start building Hextech Gunblade. This item provides physical strength, as well as additional health, spell power, and life steal, greatly improving Xayah’s survival rate. Of course, besides these three items, the choice of equipment is also crucial.

[Jungle Equipment]

In the early game, we can purchase Blade of the Ruined King to increase our damage output and also enhance our health regeneration. After obtaining Archangel’s Staff, we can gain a shield and a passive effect that reduces damage for a short period of time, enhancing our survivability. In the mid-game, we can build Blade of the Magus to increase sustainability, as well as our magic power and magic defense, further improving Xayah’s combat capabilities.

[Mid Lane Equipment]

In the mid-game, we can obtain Zhonya’s Hourglass and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, which increase our magic power and also reduce our cooldowns, further enhancing Xayah’s burst damage. In the late game, we can consider replacing Guardian Angel with the Black Cleaver, increasing physical attack power while also enhancing attack speed and life steal, further strengthening her battlefield survivability and sustained fighting abilities!

Above is the equipment guide for Xayah in LOL Mobile, compiled by me.

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