Uncovering the Mystery of the First Fleet Headquarters (Exploring the Secrets of the First Fleet Command)

Uncovering the Mystery of the First Fleet Headquarters (Exploring the Secrets of

Uncovering the Mystery of the First Fleet Headquarters (Exploring the Secrets of the First Fleet Command) is a domestic naval warfare game set in World War II. Let’s take a look at the content of this exploration of the mysterious First Fleet Headquarters!

The second episode of “Through the Mist: Destroyer Alliance” – “The Secret of the First Fleet Headquarters” tells the story of the world’s greatest and most powerful imperial naval base – the First Fleet Command Headquarters. What secrets are hidden on this island filled with imagination? How can we explore them? Let’s find out!

[Plot Summary]

In the entire mission process, players will experience a series of story clues and eventually enter “Chapter Three” and the first main storyline.

[Detailed Decryption Strategy]

Throughout the mission, players will experience various game scenarios, including various shipyards, ships, cannons, traps, etc.

[Introduction to Game Features]

1. Rich game content, including various scenes, shipyards, ships, cannons, traps, etc.

2. Varied levels with multiple difficulty options, challenging players to adjust lineups and strategies based on their own situations.

3. Diverse weapons, including pistols, torpedoes, rockets, etc., for players to freely mix and match.

4. Multi-dimensional world exploration, uncovering the truth behind every treasure chest, making the exploration process exciting and diverse.

Uncovering the Mystery of the First Fleet Headquarters

“Through the Mist” is an adventure game adapted from the popular anime “One Piece”. Players will play as a commander leading a fleet to various parts of the world to find clues and solve puzzles.

When you enter this mysterious and unknown country, you will see a person wearing red armor appear before your eyes – this person is a member of the First Destroyer Fleet Headquarters. Starting from the bow of the ship, you will pursue the secrets hidden in the ocean and arrive at the first main city, the “Sunken City”, where you will discover a hidden and profound base in the darkness.

This is a destroyed city, once belonging to the ruins, remains, and traces of ancient times left by human civilization. Here you will encounter the most powerful imperial army and the only survivors. What you need to do is to break these shackles and uncover the truth behind the war…

As time goes on, the headquarters of the First Fleet has also been reset. However, it has never left the port. In this lost continent, there is a place called the “Sunken City” where you can find the most loyal old friend – Victor (former US Navy governor), as well as the second leader – Deutschland (Commander of the American battleship), and many other impressive characters.

However, you have to admit that as the commander of the First Fleet, Victor’s life seems to have not ended yet. He just woke up in a lonely building on a small island and became someone else. Victor has always been studying how to control his power and matter. Until he discovered that his abilities and power were being threatened.

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