Exclusive Revealing! The Secret Tactics of Onmyoji’s Stone Area! (Super Techniques! Master the Perfect Onmyoji Stone Area Tactics!)

Exclusive Revealing! The Secret Tactics of Onmyoji\’s Stone Area! (Super Techniqu

Exclusive Revealing! The Secret Tactics of Onmyoji’s Stone Area! (Super Techniques! Master the Perfect Onmyoji Stone Area Tactics!) The Stone Area in Onmyoji has always been a favorite of players because of its rich rewards. In my opinion, the rewards of this area are very good, especially for casual players, who can directly obtain fragments of high-star Shikigami and also receive a large amount of coins!

The Stone Area is a high-profit dungeon in the Onmyoji mobile game, which can drop a large amount of game resources! However, to clear this dungeon, you need some techniques and luck~ Today, I will share some small tips with everyone!

The difficulty of the Stone Area is not high, but its rewards are very generous, so everyone, don’t forget to play it!

Before entering the Stone Area, you must first choose a suitable lineup. Recommended: Double Pull Formation (Yamausagi + Ebisu) + One-speed sub DPS Shuten Doji + Two-speed main DPS Kaguya + High-speed output (Lord Arakawa).

Soul Matching:

1. Puller: Speed > 150.

2. Puller: Fortune Cat, Speed > 120.

3. Fire units: Shadow/Snow Spirit four-piece set.

4. Control: Wood Nymph/Wandering Spirit Coffin/Soul Return Incense, will stun when HP is below 30%.

5. DPS: Needle Girl Otake (Lord Arakawa), deals additional damage when target’s attack is below a certain threshold.

6. Support: Jizo Statue, triggers counterattack when HP is above 50%.

7. DPS: Zhen, Needle Girl Otake (Needle Girl Otake).

8. Control: Wandering Spirit Coffin, reduces enemy Hit by 100%.

9. Healer: Tree Spirit four-piece set + HP two-piece set.

10. DPS: Needle Girl Ayakashi Otake/Net Cleave (Sea Sprite) + Needle Girl Kasane Juzu + Heart-Eyes four-piece set.

11. Support: Freshwater Clam Sprite four-piece set + HP two-piece set.

12. Healer: Mowing Soul four-piece set + Defense two-piece set.

13. Support: Fortune Cat four-piece set + HP two-piece set.

14. DPS: Ming House four-piece set + Attack two-piece set.

15. Tank: Needle Girl Ayakashi Otake + Crit Damage Kamaitachi + Crit/Crit Damage sub DPS Hakuzosu.

Super Techniques! Master the Perfect Onmyoji Stone Area Tactics!

Dear players of Onmyoji mobile game, are you eager to learn about the new Shikigami Stone Area tactics? Here, I will share a little trick with everyone. As long as you master this knowledge, you can achieve perfection!

The Stone Area tactics is the most distinctive gameplay in the new version, and the rewards are very generous. If you fail in the challenge, you can receive extra stamina.

In the Stone Area battle map, there are two locations where Shikigami can die, which are the Wrath of the Demon King and the Abyss in the Secret Dungeon.

【Wrath of the Demon King】

After entering this scene, all we need to do is click on the Explore button in the lower right corner of the screen to enter the battle interface (note that the Stone Area only exists in Explore mode). After clicking, it will automatically pathfind to the entrance of the Stone Area. Click on the portal of the Stone Area to enter.

【Abyss in the Secret Dungeon】

After entering, we can see three stone statues on both sides. Click on one of them to enter this level. After entering the level, we will find that the stone block on the right side keeps growing and moves towards the enemy, while also dealing a large amount of damage to us.

At this time, all we need to do is click on the left side of the stone to directly teleport to the entrance of the dungeon.

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The Wrath of the Demon King in the Stone Area tactics is the focus of this dungeon. It deals damage to all enemies based on the total damage we inflict.

【Yamausagi and Kaguya】

In the Stone Area dungeon, except for Yamausagi, all other Shikigami will use their own new Shikigami. Therefore, we need to choose a puller Shikigami and bring it along to maximize our output.

Yamausagi has very fast speed, and her own speed is also high, so it is best for Yamausagi to control the enemy first.

Although Kaguya’s speed is slightly slower, she still needs to be paired with a fast front-row Shikigami to fully utilize her abilities.

All of the above are core points discussed in the Stone Area dungeon. If you want to learn more about the content and information of Onmyoji mobile game, please follow the mobile game website!

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