King Glory Season 17 is Coming! Are You Ready? (Who Can Win the Championship in King Glory Season 16? Come and Check the Predictions!)

King Glory Season 17 is coming soon! Are you ready? (Who can win the championshi

King Glory Season 17 is coming soon! Are you ready? (Who can win the championship in King Glory Season 16? Come and check the predictions!) King Glory Season 16 is coming soon! Are you ready? Who can win the championship in Season 17? Come and check the predictions!

First of all, the editor believes that before the new mode is launched, we need to understand the rules of the new gameplay.

[King’s Canyon] The new map will add two new areas: the first area is “Canyon Border,” and the second area is “Canyon Center.”

[Hero Adjustments]

In this update, the official also officially released the new hero balance adjustments (see the figure below).

In the new version, three heroes in the confrontation lane will be adjusted:

1. Liu Bang – Heavy Armor Warrior adjustment

2. Sun Shangxiang – Doomsday Mech adjustment

3. Marco Polo – Summer Ripple adjustment

4. Di Renjie / Cheng Yaojin – Dark Night Noble adjustment

5. Luban No. 7 – Video Game Kid adjustment

6. Zhang Liang – Crazy Iron adjustment

7. Li Yuanfang – Secret Agent Shadow adjustment

8. Gong Sunli – Infinite Star Reward Officer adjustment

9. Hou Yi – Alpha Squad adjustment

10. Yang Yuhuan – Yun Ni Que Ling adjustment

11. Bai Lishou Yue – Vermilion Bird Record adjustment

12. Yu Ji – Xuanwu Record adjustment

13. Su Lie – White Tiger Record adjustment

14. Kái – Azure Dragon Record ajustment

15. Hua Mulan – Cervus Record adjustment

16. Dian Wei – Wind Knight adjustment

17. Cao Cao – Wolf of Heaven adjustment

18. Lü Bu – Knight of Apocalypse adjustment

19. Ne Zha – Chaos Chess adjustment

20. The Supreme Alchemist – Great Harvest adjustment

21. Dong Huang Taiyi – Deathly King’s Farewell adjustment

22. Da Qiao – Ice and Snow Waltz adjustment

23. Diaochan – Christmas Love Song adjustment

24. Zhen Ji – Time Adventure adjustment

25. Dharma – Lionheart King adjustment

26. Jiang Ziya – Fiery Elemental adjustment

27. Zhong Kui – Ghost Ship Captain adjustment

28. Lian Po – Inferno Fire adjustment

29. Zhao Yun – White Butler adjustment

30. Zhuge Liang – Golden Divide adjustment

31. Zhuang Zhou – Baseball Ace adjustment

32. Pei Qinhu – Street Fighter adjustment

33. Guan Yu – Five Blessings and One Heart adjustment

34. Han Xin – Street Fighter adjustment

35. Huang Zhong – Annihilator adjustment

36. Meng Qi – Lord of Magic Dao adjustment

37. Lao Fu Zi’s Incarnation effect adjustment

38. Niu Mo – Rampaging Organ Beast adjustment

39. Gan Jiang Mo Ye – True Damage War God adjustment

Who Can Win the Championship in King Glory Season 16? Come and Check the Predictions!

King Glory Season 16 has been underway for a while, and many friends are looking forward to the championship trophy of Season 16. So, which hero can win? Let me introduce them to you!

1. T1 Level

Marco Polo: S17 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

Di Renjie: S15 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

Sun Shangxiang: S14 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

Luban No. 7: S15 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

Liu Chan: S16 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

Bai Lishou Yue: S16 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

Gong Sunli: S16 Glory Battle Pass Exclusive

2. T2 Level

Lü Bu: Heavenly Demon Chaos, Shadow Axe

Diaochan: Ice Crown Goddess, Crescent

Hua Mulan: Crystal Dragon Hunter, Breaking Army

Yang Yuhuan: Public Duke of Amos, Dream Sound, Dream Star, King of Hegemony

3. T3 Level

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Dharma, Dian Wei, Su Lie, Cao Cao

In summary, the heroes in the S16 Glory Battle Pass will basically appear in the T2 tier. Among them, Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang are usually highly picked, and there are also other T4 tier heroes. However, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are heroes that appear in ranked games, so it is unlikely to encounter them in the T5 rank.

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