Focus on the Power of Miracles, Build Strong Saint Mentor Skill Points Guide! (Dominate the Saint Mentor World, Accurately Recommend the Best Fairy Miracle Saint Mentor Skill Sequence!)

Focus on the power of miracles, build strong saint mentor skill points guide! (D

Focus on the power of miracles, build strong saint mentor skill points guide! (Dominate the saint mentor world, accurately recommend the best fairy miracle saint mentor skill sequence!) In “Focus on the Power of Miracles,” the saint mentor is a powerful character who can not only assist teammates in attacking but also provide shields for themselves. The skill points of the saint mentor are extremely important, and many players want to know how to allocate skill points for the saint mentor. Now, let me bring you the guide on how to allocate skill points for the saint mentor, by gathering the power of miracles!

In the mobile game “Crossing Dimensions,” the saint mentor belongs to the healing type of supporting fairy and has powerful healing abilities. They can also inflict damage on enemies. Therefore, when allocating skill points and choosing skills for the saint mentor, healing is the main focus, while also providing a certain amount of output damage, making them a great companion for clearing dungeons and fighting monsters.

In terms of skill selection, it is recommended to prioritize leveling up the skills “Blessing,” “Radiance,” and “Healing Spell.” In terms of active skills, it is recommended to prioritize unlocking “Divine Punishment” and then “Purification” or “Sanctuary” (if fighting bosses, it is recommended to cast the dispel skill first before releasing).

In addition, because the saint mentor is already a strong supporting profession, it is recommended to bring more healing skills in skill combinations.

Dominate the Saint Mentor World, Accurately Recommend the Best Fairy Miracle Saint Mentor Skill Sequence!

In the game “Miracle MU,” as a strategy card mobile game, what players are most concerned about is, of course, the cultivation of fairies. However, in many games, there are a few characters that are worth developing. Today, we will recommend some powerful fairies to help everyone better choose fairies and arrange their skills.

Saint Mentor – Mage

Positioning: Magic output, control.


【Thunderous Strike】- Deals 100% damage to a single enemy;

【Surge of Electricity】- Attacks the target, dealing 110% magical damage and a 20% chance to inflict 1 layer of electric burn effect;

【Blink】- Enters stealth mode for 1 round;

【Sword of Divine Punishment】- Attacks all enemies, dealing 150% magical damage and a 60% chance to inflict 2 layers of electric burn effect.

Combination Analysis: In terms of skill combinations, the author recommends the combination of “Surge of Electricity” and “Blink” for the saint mentor. Surge of Electricity not only deals damage to the enemy but also greatly reduces the enemy’s defense ability. It also strengthens its own survival ability. Coupled with the control effect of Blink, it can prevent the enemy from acting for a certain period of time.

In addition to Surge of Electricity, there is also the passive skill Blink. Blink allows the saint mentor to have decent control abilities, while also increasing the damage of their magic skills.

Combination Analysis: The active skill Blink combined with the passive skills Blink and Surge of Electricity, can reduce the damage taken by the saint mentor to a minimum after releasing Blink.

Combination Analysis: The combination of Blink and other passive skills of the saint mentor can give them a good survival and attack ability.

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