Amazing Huanglong Treasure Hunting Journey (Presenting a unique positive approach to explore Huanglong)

Amazing Huanglong Treasure Hunting Journey (Presenting a unique positive approa

Amazing Huanglong Treasure Hunting Journey (Presenting a unique positive approach to explore Huanglong). The gameplay of exploring Huanglong is very innovative, and we can see many interesting scenes in the game. Today, let’s introduce a very unique game called “Amazing Huanglong Treasure Hunting Journey”. The essence of this game lies in its unique positive approach to explore Huanglong.

【Beginner’s tutorial】

After entering the game, we can see that there are 4 different types of missions and 3 maps, namely main quests, side quests, and daily quests. The main quests are the most basic quests for players, and completing them can reward us with coins and equipment. Side quests, on the other hand, can give us experience and so on.

Daily quests

Every day, 5 different daily quests will appear in the game, including main quests, side quests, and daily quests. Daily quests are relatively easy to complete, and if they are not completed, you can spend 50 diamonds to reset them. The rewards for daily quests are very generous, not only can you get a large amount of money, but also equipment fragments.

【Daily quests】

Daily quests are the main gameplay and the most worth focusing on. Daily quests refresh every day and after completing them, you can get a lot of equipment rewards. However, the rewards for daily quests are relatively poor, so it is recommended not to waste too much time on them, so as not to miss the daily quests.

【Daily quests】

Daily quests will bring players a certain amount of coins and gem fragments based on the completion time, completion times, rewards, etc. After completing daily quests, we will find that the equipment fragments rewarded by daily quests can be used to exchange for various rare items.


Overall, “Amazing Huanglong Treasure Hunting Journey” is a very fun casual mobile game. The gameplay is relatively simple, and you can get a large amount of coins, gem fragments, and various props, as well as many rare equipment. It is one of the games that adventure enthusiasts should not miss. Don’t forget to play it if you like it!

A unique positive approach to explore Huanglong

Authorized by Huang Feihu, the domestic first Three Kingdoms-themed real-time strategy war mobile game “Chaos Dragon” is based on historical famous generals. It uses the legendary story and battles between generals as the main theme. The game adopts a unique “positive counterattack” combat mode, creating the most characteristic and personalized journey in the chaotic Three Kingdoms era through rigorous and wise behavior handling.

【Five elements restraint】In “Chaos Dragon”, different heroes have different attributes, and these attributes determine their attack power, defense power, and health value. Therefore, how to target different types of heroes for targeted output is one of the questions that players need to think about.

【Skill release tips】In “Chaos Dragon”, the timing and damage value of skill release are directly proportional. Therefore, if players want to maximize the effect of skills, they must master the timing and distance of skill release to maximize skill damage and achieve victory in the game!

In addition, “Fury of Unparalleled” is also added to “Chaos Dragon”. Whenever the enemy hero uses an active skill, it will trigger their unparalleled state. The unparalleled effect lasts for 10 seconds, and during the unparalleled state, the damage of the hero’s normal skills increases by 10%, and the skill damage increases by an additional 30%. At the same time, the unparalleled state will continue to increase over time, up to a maximum of 25% accumulation. This greatly enhances the player’s ability to kill enemies.

【Formation and positioning】The generals in the game are divided into four positions. Before the battle starts, it is recommended that players place tankers in the front row, because tankers can protect back-row output generals from being taken out in one wave. The output generals should be placed in the back to ensure the maximum output capability of our generals, thus achieving a multiplier effect.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned special situations, “Chaos Dragon” also has many other gameplay features. For example, in “Chaos Dragon 3D”, there are multiple gameplay options to choose from, such as siege battles, resource raiding, etc. In these activities, players need to pay attention not only to the health of the barracks but also to be careful of being attacked by powerful enemy units. Siege battles have multiple difficulty levels, and players need to choose the appropriate difficulty level according to their own strength in order to successfully complete the attack.

Above is the introduction of Chaos Dragon strategy brought by the editor, I hope it can help you. For more exciting information, please follow the mobile game website.

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