White Tiger Breaks the Army Style, Take You to Experience New Gameplay in Dota 2! (Mila’s Equipment Revealed, Master the Strongest Dota 2 Item Strategy!)

White Tiger Breaks the Army Style, Take You to Experience New Gameplay in Dota

White Tiger Breaks the Army Style, Take You to Experience New Gameplay in Dota 2! (Mila’s Equipment Revealed, Master the Strongest Dota 2 Item Strategy!) White Tiger Breaks the Army Style, Take You to Experience New Gameplay in Dota 2! (Mila’s Equipment Revealed)

Since the launch of “White Tiger Breaks the Army”, “Dota 2” has received enthusiastic support from many players in the game. Recently, Dota 2 has introduced new heroes, skins, and skill effects, which have excited many old players. “White Tiger Breaks the Army” is also a work created by a top international team and jointly released by “Blizzard Entertainment”, a mainstream game developer in China. This action mobile game has received great praise on the PC side and is also known as a “domestic hardcore MOBA online game”. Based on the classic Dota background, the game takes place in a magical world and uses 3v3 and 5v5 battle gameplay to achieve victory in competitive modes, while also incorporating unique rune systems and other elements, echoing the gameplay of the original game. This work is based on the mythological story of the void and incorporates new character designs, hero skills, and map designs, bringing a more realistic immersive experience to players who love the Dota series.

[Game Features]

1. Exquisite graphics

Starting from the simplest 1 to the most concise DOTA 2 canvas, each hero will have their own unique style.

2. Rich gameplay

In addition to the traditional combat mode, there are many different gameplay modes, and these game content can be continuously upgraded. After upgrading, players will be able to obtain more skill effects.

3. Various map elements

Each map in “Dota 2” has a lot of props, and players can upgrade and purchase through collecting these props during battles.

4. Rich hero characters

In the hero selection interface, players can view the current hero and select their desired hero.

[Operation Guide]

In the game screen of “Dota 2”, players can control the hero’s movement by clicking on the target area with the left mouse button, or use the right mouse button to click on the hero for positional movement.

In the operation interface, players can choose different skill release orders.

After selecting the hero, players can click on the small map icon in the lower left corner of the game page to move the hero, or release the hero’s active skills in the game.

There are two modes in the game, one is matchmaking mode, and the other is ranked matches. In matchmaking mode, players need to match with opponents and start the game. In the game, players can see the appearance of small monsters on the map.

Players can choose the appropriate skills based on the number of enemy and allied heroes.

Players can also click on the monster icon on the mini-map to view detailed information about the enemy hero, including health, attack power, and other data.

[Equipment Attributes and Item Strategy Explanation]

Players can view the hero’s skill effects, attribute growth values, etc. through equipment attributes.

In the game, players can improve their combat abilities by upgrading their equipment. This can also change the order of skills and the damage of hero’s abilities.

In the game,

Mila’s Equipment Revealed, Master the Strongest Dota 2 Item Strategy!

In Dota 2, Mirana is a very powerful ranged spellcaster, not only having excellent base damage ability, but also providing a lot of buffs and control for the team. In Dota, Mirana is also the preferred hero for many players. So, how should Mirana equip herself? Today, we will reveal the equipment strategy for Mirana in Dota 2 mobile game.

[Equipment Analysis]

Firstly, let’s introduce Mirana’s basic attributes. She is a mage hero with powerful damage abilities, and also has certain support functions.

1. Passive: Dance of Death

Mirana can restore her health by dealing any damage to enemies. When Mirana’s health is below 50%, her next attack will deal additional magic damage to enemy units.

2. Q: Sword of Holy Light

Mirana releases a burst of holy energy, dealing damage while healing herself. Also marks all surrounding enemies, and after the mark duration ends, the enemy units will be silenced and slowed significantly.

3. W: Assault of Holy Spear

Mirana summons a blast of holy light to bombard the target area, dealing massive damage to enemies hit and reducing their movement speed.

4. E: Judgement of Holy Light

Mirana uses the power of holy light to strike the front area, dealing magic damage to nearby enemy units and teleporting herself to a specified area.

5. R: Divine Punishment

Mirana shoots a holy hammer in a direction, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies hit.

6. R: Dark Erosion

When Mirana’s armor value is below 50%, she deals magic damage and silence to surrounding enemy units.

Secondly, let’s interpret the item build. As a mage hero, Mirana’s role is very clear, which is a sustained DPS damage dealer, so the choice of equipment is crucial.

[Core Starting Items]: Health Potion + Mana Potion + Clarity Potion

[Mid-game Essentials]: Boots of Speed or Witch Blade

[Late-game Artifacts]: Echo Sabre + Nullifier + Scythe of Vyse + Aghanim’s Scepter

Since Mirana is a front-line hero that relies on farming, she needs certain survival abilities to ensure her own survival.

Thirdly, Rune Selection:

Recommended Blue Runes: Dominator Runes, which can provide higher damage output and enhance her sustained combat capability.

Recommended Red Runes: Tyrant-type runes, which can provide a better environment for her damage output and enhance her sustained combat capability, thereby achieving higher burst damage.

Recommended Green Runes: Wild-type runes, which can allow Mirana to gain more benefits from health and mana regeneration, maximizing her mana consumption.

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