Blind Grass: Journey of Exploration (Blind Grass: Night Maze)

Blind Grass: Journey of Exploration (Blind Grass: Night Maze) is a side-scrolli

Blind Grass: Journey of Exploration (Blind Grass: Night Maze) is a side-scrolling game produced by “Shueisha” to commemorate the release of “The King’s Avatar 4”.

“Dark Forest 5” (Blind Grass: Shadow Moon Forest)


In a certain adventure, “Wild Lin Da,” “Little Rain, Fluffy Rabbit,” were suddenly captured by monsters in the forest! “Wild Lin Da” was called by a mysterious little girl named “Alex” who lost everything in order to find her, came to a place with a devil’s castle, looking for the person who was killed, and rescued her.


Jump down from a big tree.

[Map Introduction]

In a pitch-black endless jungle, there are hidden secrets.

[Gameplay Instructions]

1. In the game, players will control the character to move into the scene, then avoid obstacles by moving the character. In battle, players can use skills and jumps to move next to the enemy.

2. In the game, players can control the character to fight in different locations in the scene.

3. Players in the game can move freely.

4. There are many levels in the game, and players need to use various props to challenge and obtain more rewards.

5. Players can freely explore the game map, collect items, and use their abilities to defeat enemies in battle.

Blind Grass: Night Maze

This tutorial introduces Blind Grass: Night Maze maze and hopes to help players.

“Blind Grass” is a casual game (standalone) released by the well-known domestic game developer TNK, which received very high attention and praise when it was released in August last year. Today, I will share with you a game guide-“Night Maze”.

First, we need to enter the game interface and click the select level button to enter the game interface.

After entering, we will see a new menu bar, and we click “Settings”.

At this time, we will see the options in the game, there are many options in it. We choose “Auto match”, so we can choose our friends to team up. If you don’t create a team by yourself, this interface will not be displayed.

We click start game, and after entering the game, a screen will appear. In the game screen, we see a black and white small map. We click on this small icon to enter the next room.

Then we will see our character standing below, we can choose to move him to the right side of the screen, or move him to the upper left corner of the screen, so we can see the character, and then we can click the lower-right corner to exit the game.

We click on the left side to return to the game to let it continue, and then we will find that our character is still in front.

Next are some operations in the game. We can move the character in the game to the middle of the screen, so that our line of sight can see the front, and then we can click the right side to leave.

In the game, we can see that we have been teleported to a new room. The map in this room is empty, and we can see some hidden things here.

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