Trails in the Sky Fishing Guide: Become the Ocean Master, Explore the Hidden Secrets of the Game with Fishing!

Fishing is an important leisure activity in the game \”Trails in the Sky\”. As an

Fishing is an important leisure activity in the game “Trails in the Sky”. As an adventure-themed game, players can freely fish in different areas, and each type of fish has its own characteristics and uses. Players can obtain various items and resources through fishing. Fish can be divided into common and rare species, and players can obtain different types of fish through fishing.

Fishing is a leisure activity in the mobile game “Trails in the Sky”. By constantly fishing, players can obtain precious materials in the game. These materials can be exchanged for various rewards and used to purchase various gift packs and event rewards. Therefore, players must participate in various activities to get more game benefits.

Fishing is the best way for players to obtain rare fish, as rare fish can provide players with a lot of income. The rules of fishing are also relatively simple. Players can catch many types of fish through fishing, and the quality of the items produced by these fish will be determined by their level. For example, blue, purple, and red precious fish are usually very rare, and the higher the quality of the fish, the higher the income. As long as players persist in fishing, they can obtain rare valuable materials and high-level equipment within a certain period of time.

Fishing rewards are very generous. Players not only have the opportunity to obtain scarce resources or rare materials but also have a certain probability of obtaining special treasure chest rewards. The quality of the treasure chest rewards will increase with the difficulty of the fishing gameplay. When fishing, players can also earn corresponding points. Points can be exchanged for valuable items in the store, and points can be used to exchange rare fish bait or items required for pet training in the game store.

Forget the conventions and easily uncover the hidden secrets of Trails in the Sky with fishing!

In the world of Trails in the Sky, players can use fishing to complete various tasks, but they need to master certain techniques to achieve maximum returns with minimal costs. Today, I will share with you how to easily decipher “Trails in the Sky” with fishing bait.

First of all, in the game, fishing is a very interesting leisure activity. We need to continuously fish to obtain a large amount of money and experience points, and then exchange them for corresponding items. However, to solve this mysterious puzzle, we need to use the special fishing system. And just like its name, the fishing system is similar to a “lottery”. As long as you participate in the lottery during the event, you can get many rewards, such as various crystals, etc.

Secondly, after completing tasks, players can also obtain a certain amount of activity points. The amount of activity points directly affects your activity level, and the increase in activity level not only increases our fish acquisition, but also increases the number of fish. When the activity points reach 100, you can get a valuable badge, and there will also be additional fish treasure chests!

Finally, we need to pay attention: if you want to unlock all the hidden plots, you must first complete the main storyline tasks, otherwise, you will not be able to participate in this event. In addition, the tasks will be reset every week, so remember to fill up your daily activity points every day after logging in.

Above is the Trails in the Sky guide brought to you by the editor. Fishing is something worth doing.

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