Decrypting Ant Manor: Exploring Today’s Answers and Hidden Rewards! (Beyond the Ordinary! Ant Manor’s Unique Game Challenge!)

Decrypting Ant Manor: Exploring Today\’s Answers and Hidden Rewards! (Beyond the

Decrypting Ant Manor: Exploring Today’s Answers and Hidden Rewards! (Beyond the Ordinary! Ant Manor’s Unique Game Challenge!) Decrypting Ant Manor is a fun and interesting casual game where you will see many familiar scenes, characters, and Easter eggs. Here, you can experience a different adventure of fun.

Decrypting Ant Manor explores today’s answers and hidden rewards!

Today is the May Day Labor Day in the lunar calendar (≧ω≦)/~

There are quite a few questions today! Everyone can refer to the pictures below. Here are all the answers collected by the editor:

【Day 1】

1. Peppa Pig’s house

2. Mr. Rabbit’s rooftop

3. Blue mushroom’s small house

4. Yellow mushroom’s large farm

5. Red mushroom’s small pasture

6. Frog’s adopted cow

7. Fairy Butterfly’s burrow

8. Baby Turtle’s home

9. Stone statue’s house

10. Yarn ball’s room

11. Owner of the pond

12. Detective Black Cat’s house

13. Nest of bugs in the duck’s nest

14. Secret on the straw hat

15. Seashell’s treasure chest

16. 1000 gold coins

17. Level 2 diamond ring

18. Icon of pink star necklace

19. Heart headband

20. Blue shell necklace on the head

21. Green gem flowerpot

22. Rainbow bridge

23. Face of green glasses

24. Black earrings with black ears

25. Eyes of the sun

26. Watch

27. Angel’s Wings hat

28. Sparkling Wings shoes

29. Fairy Lake

30. Moonlight Stone door

31. Left side of the baseball bat

32. Jar under the apple tree

33. Table in the ice cream shop

34. Ice cream stall

35. Magic broom

36. Bar of the rock singer

37. Hot air balloon

38. Matchbox

Beyond the Ordinary! Ant Manor’s Unique Game Challenge!

“Beyond the Ordinary! Ant Manor” Today’s Answers

In this week’s “Unique” themed questions, there is a “Game Challenge” where players need to answer a question completely different from the “Game Challenge” in real life to earn points. Points can be exchanged for various rewards.

Another question is about the “Game Rules” for “Mini Game Challenges”. In the “Game Challenge”, players will be given three different types of small animals – chicks, ducks, and cows as the question and need to arrange the corresponding answers from lowest to highest according to the prompts. Players need to complete the corresponding questions based on the prompts.

The final ultimate level requires players to match and eliminate all the little pigs, so this gameplay is more suitable for those who prefer simple gameplay~


The editor thinks that this activity is similar to the previous “Guess the Riddle Contest”. If you guess wrong, you won’t lose points!

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