The Top 10 Hottest Shooting Games of 2012 Revealed! (Leading the trend in 2012, Top 10 Firearms Games Ranking!)

Conquer the shooting world, the Top 10 Hottest Shooting Games of 2012 revealed!

Conquer the shooting world, the Top 10 Hottest Shooting Games of 2012 revealed! (Leading the trend in 2012, Top 10 Firearms Games Ranking!) Conquer the shooting world of 2012, the Top 10 Hottest Shooting Games revealed!

“Conquer the Shooting World” is the first 3D multiplayer shooting game in China. It has created a new gameplay with strategic and entertaining elements in a realistic war background, allowing you to experience a different kind of competitive thrill in intense battles. Now, let me introduce the Top 10 hottest shooting mobile games of “Conquer the Shooting World” in 2014.

[Ranking 1]

1. Fantasy theme: “Starcraft III”, “Journey of the Gods”, “Dark Knight 2”, “Legend of Heaven”, “Biohazard”, “Shadow of Mutation”.

2. Epic theme: “Three Kingdoms Kill”, “Battle of Red Cliffs”, “Fire Line Heroes” (not yet announced), these 5 popular games.

3. Sci-fi style: “Fierce General”, “Ghost Action”, “Hunting at the End of the World”.

4. Action genre: “Leading the Charge Again”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Dota Legends”, “Wild Bounty Hunter”.

5. Classic gameplay: “Street Fighter”, “Fighting Academy”, “Great Escape”, “City Castle Breakthrough”, “Top Secret Intelligence Bureau”, “Call of Duty”, “Mobile Suit Gundam”, 6. Endless mode: “Dragon and Tiger Tome”, “King’s Road”, “Terminator League”, “Final Fantasy 14”, “Glory Gold Edition”, “Immortal Treasure”, etc.

The top-ranking firearm game is the “M16A4” series (also known as M4), which is characterized by its strong firepower and stability.

Ranking 2: S-EX Team.

Ranking 3: “Soul Blade Battlefield” (already online).

Ranking 4 to 7: “Iron Man” (not yet open).

Ranking 8: “Vanguard of Death” (temporarily not open).

Ranking 9 to 10: “Crazy Loli” (currently unknown).

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Leading the trend in 2012, Top 10 Firearms Games Ranking!

Leading the trend in 2012, Top 10 Firearms Games Ranking! I believe many friends are not very familiar with this area. Next, I will introduce “Leading the Charge Again,” the top leader in 2015 firearms games rankings. Interested friends can come and learn about it.

[Ranking 1]

AK47: M60

Weapon name: AK47 Assault Rifle

Type: AK47 Assault Rifle


“Leading the Charge Again” is a large-scale multiplayer online shooting mobile game. In this mobile platform, you will experience an unprecedented strong combat power, diverse accessory systems, and rich tactical gameplay. You can also create various weapons and equipment with your own skills! You need to flexibly use your operational skills and apply your unique designs and strategies to achieve your strategic goals! Get more and better weapons and accessories through continuous advancement!

Ranking 2: DMG

Weapon name: DMG Sniper Rifle

Type: DMG Sniper Rifle


A “3V3 Team Competitive Shooting” game produced by Tencent. The game has over 200 real players competing in real-time matches on the map, allowing players to experience more exciting battles on the battlefield. Players can improve their strength by using different firearms and skills and adjust them according to their personal preferences. The game adopts a 2vs2 design style, and players can enhance their strength by using different weapons and skills!

Ranking 3: SPAS-12

Weapon name: S1897 Submachine Gun

Type: S187 Submachine Gun


The S1897 Submachine Gun is a classic shooter rifle. It has high maneuverability in this PC version, and there are two types of firearms in the game: flamethrowers (jet type) and nozzles (single-shot). In the game, the rifle can be set to semi-automatic firing mode, and the position of the muzzle can be chosen according to personal habit; the nozzle can switch positions according to different situations.

Ranking 4: AUG

Weapon name: M249 Light Machine Gun

Type: M249 Light Machine Gun


A shooting mobile game set in a modern warfare background. The game features a new concept, where vehicles such as helicopters and planes can be driven, allowing players to freely soar in the air. The game supports 4-player online co-op, and players can freely glide in the air. Players can perform various actions by using their control abilities.

Ranking 5: M249

Weapon name: M249 Rocket Launcher

Type: M249 Rocket Launcher


A rocket launcher weapon with super stunning special effects. The game has various types of rocket artillery, including laser beams, incendiary bombs, guided missiles, etc., and can freely fly in the air. In the game, players can also drive M249 on the ground and rotate freely in the air, making full use of different flight functions.

Ranking 6: G36C

Weapon name: G37 Grenade Launcher

Type: G37 Grenade Launcher


This is the first gun shooting game in China with a futuristic sci-fi theme as the background. It was developed by the American developer RNG.P under Thunder Network.

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