Shining Gold, Hearthstone New Year Collection Shockingly Debuts! (New Version of Competitive Mode, Hearthstone Legend Welcomes New Battlefield!)

Shining Gold, Hearthstone New Year Collection Shockingly Debuts! (New Version o

Shining Gold, Hearthstone New Year Collection Shockingly Debuts! (New Version of Competitive Mode, Hearthstone Legend Welcomes New Battlefield!) Shining Gold, Hearthstone New Year Collection Shockingly Debuts! Hearthstone Legend will officially launch on the national server on December 27th. In addition to the release of the new version, this update will also introduce a new card pack and competitive mode!

In this event, Hearthstone will hold a party event from January 7th to February 9th in the game and prepare generous rewards for players. Before the party starts, you can use free currency to purchase the “Shining Gold” themed deck (limited time) in the store, or use Arcane Dust to purchase “Knights of the Frozen Throne”, or exchange card back patterns with Arcane Dust after the party ends!

To welcome the new year of 2021, the “Shining Gold” themed deck will include 11 classic class legendaries, 3 rare battleground skins, and several epic battleground skins. After the “Shining Gold” themed deck goes live, Hearthstone Legend will continue to add “Journey to Un’Goro”, “Kobolds & Catacombs”, “The Witchwood”, and more exciting content for you to explore! In addition, players can earn “Valor Points” by completing daily quests and participating in ladder battles. When the Valor Points accumulate to a certain stage, you can exchange them for corresponding exclusive gift packs!

In addition, there is an event that will directly affect the content of this year’s “Whispers of the Old Gods” and “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” expansions. At that time, players can go to “Whispers of the Old Gods” (iOS version) or other regions to download the latest patch and experience the new version.

In addition, Hearthstone Legend has also specially brought a series of surprise activities for everyone during this Spring Festival~

1. Mysterious Code Treasure

Before January 7th, the Hearthstone Adventure has entered the final stage! We have brought you a special gift- the Shining Gold themed treasure: Golden Rat Lucky Bag, Golden Lucky Coin, and a random “Golden Monkey” class pack!

2. Wild Brawl Chest

Between 10:00 am on January 13th and 12:00 pm on January 22nd, you can win a match through the Wild mode, win 10 victories, or win 50 times to receive the Golden Chicken Festival Chest!

3. Daily Sign-in Benefits

Before 23:00 on January 14th, the official Hearthstone will provide a free reward every day through daily sign-in! As long as you persist in signing in, you can receive the Golden Chicken Festival Chest on one of the daily sign-ins!

4. Massive Gold and Cards

If you want to know all the cards you own, please check all deck information in the collection interface first, and then go to any legendary level deck in Hearthstone to configure:

1. Golden Rat, Golden Rat, Silver Lion

2. Silver Lion, Golden Rat, Shadowflame

3. Shadowflame, Blackwing Corruptor, Essence of Night, Stormwind Champion

4. Gold Beetle, Giant Toad, Thunder Bluff

5. Knife Juggler, Acolyte of Pain, Imp Master

6. Scarlet Crusader, Inferno

7. Deathstalker Rexxar

8. C’Thun

9. Sylvanas Windrunner

New Version of Competitive Mode, Hearthstone Legend Welcomes New Battlefield!

The new version of Hearthstone has been officially updated, and the new competitive mode “Kobolds & Catacombs” has also received new changes.

In this update, players will be able to battle against other players, and before entering a match, players can choose the mode they want to participate in.

In addition to new heroes, new gameplay is also about to debut!

The new expansion of Hearthstone Legend-“Kobolds & Catacombs” will be launched on PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms on January 22nd. At that time, you can join the new competitive mode gameplay with friends~!

1. Competitive Mode

After the update of “Kobolds & Catacombs”, Hearthstone will launch a new competitive mode-“Kobolds’ Catacombs”, and it will provide players with a new challenge based on the game progress and rankings- different from the previous competitive mode, you can only choose one mode per day.

“Kobolds & Catacombs” will have the same rules as the standard mode but will include more reward mechanisms;

2. Competitive Gameplay:

In the competitive mode, players can freely build decks, and each deck consists of 8 random class spells;

In “Kobolds & Catacombs”, you can choose a class and use the 6 different class decks provided by the system for battle. You can customize your own style by constantly changing the card combinations.

3. Special Rules:

In the competitive mode, your deck will no longer be restricted by class and deck restrictions, and you can still change your deck type by adjusting the deck, including mana cost and class abilities, etc.;

When you obtain a minion card, you need to redesign your deck.

In addition, if you have not created a game character before “Kobolds & Catacombs” goes live, you will not be able to obtain that hero, but you can reset your deck and redesign your deck at any time until you obtain that hero.

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