Uncovering the mystery of the magical ocean: What are whale sharks in the magical ocean beyond imagination?

Uncovering the mystery of the magical ocean: The truth about the mystery of w

Uncovering the mystery of the magical ocean: The truth about the mystery of whale sharks (beyond imagination: what are whale sharks in the magical ocean?) Uncovering the mystery of the magical ocean: The truth about the mystery of whale sharks (beyond imagination: what are whale sharks in the magical ocean?)

“Beyond Imagination” Magical Ocean is a themed activity with many fun mini-games. The magical ocean is a new gameplay that has just been launched, and players can obtain various rewards inside. So what new game content does this new version have? Let’s bring you the latest decryption strategy – Uncovering the mystery of the magical ocean!

Uncovering the mystery of the magical ocean: The truth about the mystery of whale sharks

[Story Introduction]

1. We have come to a fantasy journey, where there are many unknown worlds waiting for us to explore and discover.

2. In order to protect our homeland, we need to use different props to help us purify the ocean world.

3. After we collect the crystallization of the magical ocean, we can use it to exchange rewards.

4. Each chapter of the magical ocean consists of three parts, including three normal levels.

5. Each area will have a special level. When this level is completed, players can receive corresponding rewards.

6. Each area is divided into four difficulty levels. Only after passing this level can we enter the next level.

7. Each level has certain challenges. After completing the challenges, we can enter the next level.

8. There are a total of five major levels in the magical ocean, and each major level has different hidden tasks. After completing these hidden tasks, you can receive corresponding achievement rewards.

9. The hidden tasks of each major level are random, so we need to choose the appropriate task to complete according to our own luck.

10. Hidden tasks will provide very rich clues, such as the clue of “dark pearl”.

11. The clue of “stone of sunken ship relics”, and so on.

12. The clues of hidden tasks will be reflected in each chapter of the magical ocean, such as the treasure chest in the “mysterious vortex”.

13. The hidden tasks in each hidden level are random, but there are hints in the hidden levels. Players can find the correct answers and complete the hidden tasks according to the hints.

14. The rewards for hidden tasks are very rich, including gold coins and diamonds, which are important gameplay that players cannot miss.

Beyond Imagination: What are whale sharks in the magical ocean?

“Beyond Imagination: Magical Ocean” is a simulation business game developed by Guangzhou Indus Software Co., Ltd. The work was released in Japan on October 13, 2016. In this game, players will play as a fledgling shrimp and lead a group of people to experience a wonderful journey…

[Introduction to Whale Sharks]

As a kind of creature called “pirate”, whale sharks have always been loved by residents. The “whale shark” clan has participated in maritime trade and patrols many times, and has traveled with sailors from all over the world. However, due to the sailors being boring, disgusted, or too excited, they lost everything. Nowadays, “whale sharks” no longer live alone in this mysterious sea as before. They seem to have incredible power. When he embarked on the road to treasure hunting, perhaps you would also find yourself in a sleeping island, but you don’t know what is hidden there. Maybe this is the legendary behemoth-“whale”.

“Whale”, also known as the biological community we often say. They are the most loyal allies and partners of mankind. In their eyes, humans are not dangerous, but they can gain great advantages when facing enemies and challenges.

[Methods and Functions of Obtaining Whale Sharks]

1. Whale sharks can be obtained by purchasing with gold coins.

2. The appearance of whale sharks is similar to monsters, and they will actively attack players, but they will not cause damage or negative effects; at the same time, their skills are also interesting, they can turn all characters into a floating boat.

3. Whale sharks have various abilities, which can help everyone have a better experience and fun in the adventure process.

4. Whale sharks can also be captured, but only after a successful capture, new targets for capture will appear, and corresponding level items can be obtained after capture. After successfully killing, corresponding experience points can be obtained.

5. After capturing the “whale shark”, players can also feed it with food to improve their favorability. When the favorability is high enough, new forms and actions will be unlocked.

6. Achievement rewards will be unlocked when completing whale shark tasks, and you can get some rare items and resources.

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