Tracking Hangzhou Pawnshop by Brave Guest (Jianghu Secret: Exploring the Brave Legends Hangzhou Pawnshop)

In \”Brave Guest\”, there are many props that can be purchased at the Hangzhou Pa

In “Brave Guest”, there are many props that can be purchased at the Hangzhou Pawnshop. So where is the Hangzhou Pawnshop? The editor brings you relevant strategies. Interested friends, come and take a look!

Location of the Pawnshop:

1. The pawnshop is located inside Luoyang City.

2. Players can enter the pawnshop through the grocery store below the map.

3. The pawnshop sells various weapons, equipment, and martial arts materials.

4. The level of the pawnshop is level 15, and it needs to reach a certain contribution value to level up.

5. The higher the level of the pawnshop, the better the items for sale. Every 10 levels, there will be different exclusive treasures for sale.

6. The items in the pawnshop refresh every 2 hours.

7. The items sold by the pawnshop randomly include purple equipment fragments or refined steel stones. Randomly, purple or higher quality equipment fragments will appear from there.

8. The items in the pawnshop have no level restrictions. Players can use ingots to refresh them.{Keywords}: Hangzhou Pawnshop, Brave Guest, Jianghu Secret

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