Master QQ Speed ​​Advanced Driver’s License and Enjoy the Junior Channel! (Exclusive Analysis of QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game Advanced Driver’s License Entry Junior Channel Strategy!)

Master QQ Speed ​​Advanced Driver\’s License and Enjoy the Junior Channel! (Exclu

Master QQ Speed ​​Advanced Driver’s License and Enjoy the Junior Channel! (Exclusive Analysis of QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game Advanced Driver’s License Entry Junior Channel Strategy!) Master QQ Speed ​​Advanced Driver’s License, Enjoy the Junior Channel! (Exclusive Analysis)

QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game is currently the most popular and popular game on the market. Although many experienced players encounter various problems while playing, the author still wants to share some insights and experiences here, hoping everyone will like it~

The junior driver’s license of “Racing Edition” has been opened. As long as the level reaches level 30, players can get a starter racing gift pack for free, and the rewards for the junior driver’s license are even richer!

The junior driver’s license can not only experience various races and racing accessories, but also various props and skills. In the junior driver’s license, Xiaojuzi also brings various junior racing accessories, props, and vehicles, etc. Xiaojuzi’s suggestion is to familiarize yourself with various maps and racetracks in the junior driver’s license.

The maps in the “Free Mode” have a greater advantage compared to the classic racing tracks-they have various cars and racing accessories!

The maps in the “Free Mode” are divided into three parts: straight corners (S-C), double U turns (R1-R2), polygon corners (M2-M3), and long-distance sharp turns (D2-F5). Xiaojuzi’s suggestion is to race on straight lines as much as possible, so it is easier to master cornering skills. For maps with more corners, it is recommended to run on double U turns, which can save more time. For maps with longer distances, it is recommended to use drifting to transition under double slight U-turn conditions, so that you can pass high-difficulty races more easily without slowing down.

For a single route, when there are fewer shortcuts in the middle area of ​​the map, it is recommended to use the “reverse” method of drifting. This can avoid being attacked by other opponents while driving normally. On some narrow roads, Xiaojuzi recommends using the “left” method to drift, which can save a lot of time. Of course, if it is a small road with many corners and close distances, you need to pay attention to the direction of the corners, and then use nitro to accelerate quickly to enter the shortcuts, and then accumulate nitro values ​​by hitting the wall for drifting.

The “Extreme World” map has two parts: simple straight road section (L1Z1) and normal straight road section (R3-R2). In this case, Xiaojuzi’s suggestion is to try to avoid meeting other players in normal tracks, as mistakes often occur in normal tracks. However, in simple straight road sections, due to the low range of drifting, Xiaojuzi recommends using the directional keys to control the angle of drifting, which can be more flexible when drifting on straight road sections. In addition, at some sharp turns, it is recommended to use drag drifting to avoid being chased by enemies. You can quickly exit the turn in a straight line and reduce the chance of being damaged.

The map in “Extreme Racing Circle” only has two types: normal bends (G-1E) and double-layer bends (V-2J). Xiaojuzi believes that R2J has more normal bends. In fact, there are many types of maps with more normal bends, such as pirate caves, West Lake, etc .; big stones by the beach, bubbles on the iceberg, lava in the desert, waterfalls in the snow fields … and many NPCs without names. The appearance of these NPCs makes this complex world filled with infinite variables.

Exclusive Analysis of QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game Advanced Driver’s License Entry Junior Channel Strategy!

“QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game” is a racing sports mobile game launched by Tencent Games. This classic racing game has attracted the attention and love of many players due to its rich gameplay. Today we bring you the strategy of QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game Advanced Driver’s License Entry Junior Channel!

[What is the Junior Channel?]

The intermediate channel in “QQ Speed” mobile game is the channel we often refer to. Intermediate players can freely choose drivers to compete in the junior channel, while junior drivers can freely choose race tracks to compete. In “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game”, each player can only use their own professional driver to participate in junior races.

Entering “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game”, the initial channel is the intermediate race venue. Junior drivers who first come into contact with this channel can directly select the race tracks and maps to start the race.

Players in the advanced channel of “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game” will have exclusive props and skills. Various props will appear in the junior channel. These props can provide powerful assistance for players with junior licenses. In the junior channel of “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game”, players can not only obtain experience points, gold coins, and various rare props rewards in the beginner channel, but also obtain the exclusive “Nitro Card” for junior driver’s licenses.

Players in the advanced channel of “QQ Speed ​​Mobile Game” also have special abilities-drifting ability. When drifting to a corner, you can get a small boost. Other drivers in the junior channel have their own unique skills. In the tracks of the junior channel, the difficulty of each track will increase, but no extra content will be added to the tracks in the junior channel.

[How to get the Junior Channel]

In the junior channel, players can obtain the qualification for the advanced channel by completing missions. After reaching level 20, players can open the entrance to the junior channel through the megaphone button on the right side of the main interface. The junior channel is the junior channel that players first come into contact with. There is a chance to encounter some props races or speed races in the tracks of the junior channel. In the junior channel, players can obtain exclusive skills for junior driver’s licenses.

When players reach level 20, they can participate in the in-game activities-time-limited activities. In the time-limited activities, players can get a permanent B car, the Crimson Soul Phantom, for free. The entrance to the time-limited activities is also located in the middle of the map.

When players reach level 30, they can participate in the activities in the store-qualification mode-store. The qualification mode is divided into single races and team races. In the interface of the qualification race, players can challenge opponents through matches and teams. The winning side will gain a bonus to the ranking. At the end of the season in the qualification race, the system will also issue corresponding rewards and titles based on the ranking score.

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