Gallop through the Nine Provinces and Encounter the Popular Sword Art Online Game 3! (Explore the Way to Obtain the Popular Mount “Wind Blossom in Motion”!)

Gallop through the Nine Provinces and Encounter the Popular Sword Art Online Ga

Gallop through the Nine Provinces and Encounter the Popular Sword Art Online Game 3! In the game, you will play as the young master of a sect and travel the world with disciples from other sects. You will also have your own exclusive costumes that come with it~ Let’s take a look at this “unique” costume set together!

[Event One: Gifted Destiny] During the event, players can earn activity points by completing daily quests. When the activity points reach 100, they can claim the exquisite mount “White Tiger Gryphon” (limited to 1 purchase).

Event time: December 15, 2020, 12:00 – February 13, 2021, 24:00

[Event Two: Luxury Clothing Pack On Sale] (Includes Headwear – Cloud Fireworks Glasses and Hairstyle – Flowing Light Flying Phoenix)

Store price: 60% off (limited to 1 purchase per person); includes: equipment with +2000 HP, purple belt *1, blue ring *2; includes: equipment with +1500 HP, red clothes *1; includes: equipment with +1500 HP, golden weapon *1 (limited to 5 purchases), and some material rewards; includes: +20% hit rate; +50% external defense; +10% evasion.

[Event Three: Divine Land Elite Trial] First trial for Divine Land Elites (limited to one week).

Event time: November 6, 2021 to November 20, 2021, 12:00

Event content:

1. Players have a chance to obtain item exchange tokens or treasure map fragments as drops by participating in challenge stages daily. These tokens and fragments can be used to synthesize corresponding items.

2. After clearing designated chapters, additional exploration points can be obtained. Exploration points can be used to open hidden treasure chests on the map or purchase goods from the mysterious shop.

3. When players obtain a certain number of treasure map fragments, they can unlock rare treasures in the mysterious shop.

4. In the mysterious shop, players can purchase various scarce resources and rare items such as mysterious crystals and rainbow stones at lower prices.

Event Four: Bai Xiaosheng Limited-Time Costume – “Wind in Motion”

This set of costumes is divided into two appearance types:

The first type is the deer costume, which has a very cool appearance and unique attribute bonuses.

The second type is the Red Whisk costume: this costume not only has a high appearance value, but also has a special skill effect – Shocking Tune.

The third type is the blue shirt male costume: this costume looks very cool~ but the editor thinks it is more suitable for the girls to wear~ but it is not easy to obtain this skin. You need to continuously improve your strength, my friends~

Above are the contents of this new version update. Interested friends, hurry up and download it from the app store to experience it~

Explore the Way to Obtain the Mount “Wind Blossom in Motion”!

The mount system in “Sword Art Online” is one of the most beloved gameplay by players. It not only has gorgeous and cool appearance designs, but also outstanding attribute growth and powerful attribute bonuses. Let’s learn about this mount today!

I. Acquisition Methods:

If you want to capture the “White Tiger” or the “Azure Dragon” in the wild, you can only buy them with ingots. If you are a VIP player, you can purchase them more times, up to 10 times. However, VIP players need to recharge a certain amount to obtain this mount!

II. Introduction:

The “White Tiger” is the son of the Golden Haohou. It is said to be transformed from the divine beast Red Flame Kirin and is also known as Vermillion Bird and Xuanwu. The “Azure Dragon” is refined with the Nine Revolutions Resurrection Pill. Both “White Tiger” and “Vermillion Bird” are rare materials, and each type has its own special effects.

After reaching level 50, players will receive a “Vermillion Bird Order” from the system, which can be purchased from the store. Of course, players can also exchange it with Sect Contribution Points in the faction store.

III. Notes:

1. Mount quality is divided into five categories: ordinary, exquisite, perfect, legendary, and supreme.

2. Mounts have certain set effects (additional set attributes can be obtained after activation).

3. Players can equip mounts and corresponding parts (including weapons, helmets, clothes, and pants) of the same quality in the equipment slots. The higher the quality of the equipment, the better the set attributes!

4. Mounts can evolve and improve their quality through leveling up (from white, green, blue, purple, to orange). After evolution, the attributes of the mount will increase significantly, and the appearance will also change randomly.

5. Mounts can be changed and replaced at any time, but they cannot be removed at any time, otherwise the current set attributes will be lost!

6. Each mount has set effects, which provide additional attribute bonuses to the character, and the set attributes will be activated.

7. When the character reaches level 50, the system will automatically give a mount “Flying Tiger” as the mount “Wind Blossom in Motion”!

8. There are mainly two ways to obtain mounts: the first is to purchase them in the store, which costs 200 silver, but the number of weekly purchases is limited, so don’t miss the opportunity! The second is to exchange them with contribution points in the faction store.

IV. Conclusion:

In fact, the mount system in “Sword Art Online” is very powerful. It can provide considerable combat power bonuses and improve the player’s strength. So, friends who love this game, download it and experience it now!

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