Black Bat brings players a new Werewolf experience! (Master the Black Bat identity, create unique strategies, become a Werewolf expert!)

Black Bat brings players a new Werewolf experience! (Master the Black Bat identi

Black Bat brings players a new Werewolf experience! (Master the Black Bat identity, create unique strategies, become a Werewolf expert!) Black Bat brings players a new Werewolf experience! Master the Black Bat identity, create unique strategies, become a Werewolf expert! (Game “Black Bat”)

“Dark Night” is the life that all adventurers dream of. When you wake up in the morning, you will see a familiar and unfamiliar scene – all because you have not mastered the knowledge about this story. The game “Black Bat” will provide brave and curious young partners with a new way to play, allowing them to experience a more real and fun game experience.

[New gameplay of Black Bat]

1. Every night, the Black Cat Sheriff will appear by your side during the night.

2. Before each match, each player needs to choose a character they think is the most powerful as their weapon.

3. When one player dies, another player will be teleported into the room.

4. In the room, a spider will be randomly generated each round.

5. After the spider is caught and if it hasn’t caught anyone else, it will be locked in the prison directly.

6. When one player is killed, another player will be taken away and transported out of the hall.

7. After Black Bat is voted to be on the field, it will enter the hidden mode.

8. If a player is voted to death, the player will not be transported to the basement.

9. After a player is voted out, another player will leave the basement.

10. If a player is poisoned to death, another player will not be teleported to the normal secret room, but directly back to the depths of the dark world. When both werewolves are eliminated at the same time, another werewolf will come out of the basement.

11. If a player is voted out or killed by a knife in the last few minutes, another player will escape from the basement, but at the same time, the other player will also be transported back to the room. In the dark world, once a player is slaughtered in the basement and survives, the player will be in a state of immobility forever.

12. Only one person will be the ultimate winner to win, other players will not gain victory points.

13. After a player successfully saves all the villagers on the field, the Black Knight will immediately join the duel. The Black Knight will attack all players according to the number of people on the field, and the Black Knight will eliminate everyone and self-destruct according to a certain percentage.

14. Every Monday morning, the Black Knight will launch a special skill: the Black Mist Art. In a limited time, each player can freely control their own position and vision. The Black Wizard can use this ability, and in a certain situation, the Black Avenger can use its powerful magic to summon the Dark Staff and release magic that can dispel all negative effects.

15. When a player uses the Black Spell, it will summon a black skeleton; when the Black Spirit Wizard summons a green monster, it will summon a pink bear; when the Black Dragon King uses the Black Wing Shield, it will summon a blue whale; in some special cases, they will also use their tail to strafe, forming a powerful group damage.

16. If there is a gold or silver water in a player’s deck, the Black Knight will use the gold water.

Master the Black Bat identity, create unique strategies, become a Werewolf expert!

As a Werewolf expert, do you want to become a Black Bat identity? In “Agent of the Night,” players can choose their favorite characters. As a heart of the soul who loves games, in “Agent of the Night,” you need to create your own exclusive character according to your needs. If you are a true “black face,” then you can customize your skills. If you are a fan of the old werewolves and want to become a “black ghost,” then you might as well give it a try.

How to master the Black Bat identity and create unique strategies? Today, let’s take a look at some gameplay and tips about “Agent of the Night”!

1. Make good use of gold water: The King of Spades can deceive the innocent’s speech with gold water, but you can also obtain gold coins through other methods;

2. Cleverly use the invisibility card: the invisibility card can expose the identities of werewolves and fools, but at the same time, fools and witches can also use invisibility to attract the attention of hunters and guards, helping the innocent win;

3. Use powerful cards wisely: using powerful cards when the werewolf stabs teammates can quickly turn the tables or revive fallen teammates (werewolf camp can use ineffective cards), but if there are no other werewolves on the field, you can use powerful cards to protect werewolves.

4. Make reasonable use of explosive packages: in the early stage of the game, bombs are essential props, when you find that werewolves are destroying your game experience, then you can use this item.

5. Flexibly use badge flow cards, during the speech stage, try to avoid confronting the innocent;

6. Apply shield cards flexibly: As a rare handsome rich man, you need to use these cards reasonably.

The above is the identity of the Black Cat, which is a very important presence in every aspect of the game. If you are a civilian, please read this article carefully, and believe that you will have a good harvest.

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