Dragon Valley Priest Trained Point, How to Play the Best Support Role in Battle? (Dragon Valley Priest Training Point, the Essential Strategy Guide for Top Players!)

Dragon Valley Priest trained point, How to play the best support role in battle

Dragon Valley Priest trained point, How to play the best support role in battle? (Dragon Valley Priest training point, the essential strategy guide for top players!) Dragon Valley Mobile Priest trained point, How to play the best support role in battle? As a long-range support occupation in Dragon Valley, the priest’s position in the team is crucial. So, as a healing profession, how can the priest play the best supporting role on the battlefield? Let’s see with the editor below~

First, let’s talk about the priest’s first-turn skills. The first-turn skills of the priest are mainly supportive, with primary means of output being Healing Hands and Grasp of Mastery. Healing Hands is the priest’s main healing method, not only having decent healing ability, but also having decent area damage, which can greatly help teammates. Grasp of Mastery is a holy attack skill that can deal powerful blows to enemies.

The priest’s second-turn skills are Thunder Blast and Grasp of Mastery. Thunder Blast is the priest’s main thunder attribute output skill, which can produce powerful thunder attacks on enemies. Thunder Blast can release lightning-like thunder hits on enemy units, and as the level of Thunder Blast increases, its damage will also increase. Grasp of Mastery is a powerful control skill that can pull enemy units towards oneself and cause a large amount of output damage.

Above are the related content of how to allocate points for the first turn of the Dragon Valley Mobile Priest.

Dragon Valley Priest Trained Point, the Essential Strategy Guide for Top Players!

Dragon Valley Mobile Priest First-Turn Point Allocation Strategy

As a main healer in the team, priests have relatively weak HP and Defense, so in skill point allocation, we need to choose some skills that enhance our survival ability to ensure our safety.

In terms of skill point allocation, we mainly choose Holy Combo and Heavenly Judgment as two active skills. Other skills can choose Thunder Blast, Grasp of Mastery, and Blink. This allocation method can enhance our attack power and flexibility.

As for the choice of passive skills, we choose Lucky Blue Bird and Thunderstorm, both of which are the main skills that increase the priest’s damage and control effect.

In terms of active skill combinations, we can choose Healing Hands, Holy Cross, Devotion, and Light Rain. These four active skills can enhance our output, and at the same time, can increase our healing amount and endurance. Healing Hands can not only restore our own HP, but also heal teammates.

Holy Cross can deal damage to all surrounding enemies, and can also knock back the surrounding enemies, while also allowing all friendly units within the surrounding area to recover HP. Devotion can increase the defense and movement speed of teammates for a certain period of time, making it easier for teammates to fight.

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