Dragon Valley Horse Card Acquisition Guide: The Secret Method to Creating the Strongest War Horses! (Surprises Keep Coming! Dragon Valley Horse Card Acquisition Complete Guide Revealed!)

In \”Dragon Valley Mobile,\” horse cards can be used to create mounts. Horse cards

In “Dragon Valley Mobile,” horse cards can be used to create mounts. Horse cards come in two types, normal and rare, with rare horse cards being used to upgrade and advance horses. In the game, rare horse cards can be obtained by drawing or directly purchasing with Dragon Coins, while horse cards above the dragon level can be obtained through exchange with Dragon Coins. So, how can we obtain more horse cards in this game? Let’s take a look together.

Firstly, in “Dragon Valley Mobile,” the main way to obtain horse cards is through the in-game store. Dragon Coins cannot be purchased in the store, but you can buy advanced materials and blueprints made by other players or yourself in the auction house. These materials can be purchased at the guild store, so it’s best to obtain horse cards through the store.

In the Dragon Coin store, besides Dragon Coins, there is also an important item called horse cards. In dragon eggs, players can find horse cards, but the probability is not very high. However, this can be considered a small surprise, as there are many types of horse cards in the game, and their quality is also random. Therefore, it is quite difficult to obtain high-quality horse cards through opening dragon eggs.

In addition to Dragon Coins, Dragon Coins are also sold in the Dragon’s Nest Shop, but the price is not low. However, the items in this dragon egg shop are generally dropped in dungeons. Players can use dungeons to obtain horse cards, but this is a probability issue, and it can only be refreshed once a day. Therefore, it is quite difficult to obtain a top-quality horse card.

In “Dragon Valley Mobile,” if you want to increase your combat power, you need to have enough horse cards for improvement. In the Dragon Cave gameplay, there is a chance to obtain horse card rewards after each level, and a large number of horse cards will also drop in dungeons. Additionally, in the arena, Dragon Coins are awarded weekly based on rankings. If you want to quickly improve your rank, go to the arena rankings and you will receive Dragon Coin rewards when they are calculated at 9 p.m. every night.

Lastly, the method to improve combat power is, of course, to increase your level. As long as players complete dungeons, their level will automatically increase. So, if the player’s level increases, they can go to challenge dungeons. In the game, after leveling up, players can also obtain a large number of attribute bonuses, so everyone must not forget to improve their level every day.

Surprises Keep Coming! Dragon Valley Horse Card Acquisition Complete Guide Revealed!

“Dragon Valley” is about to launch a brand new horse card system, which not only brings players a completely new gaming experience but also opens up massive new activities and dungeons waiting for you to conquer! Today, let’s talk about the specific content of the horse card system.

【Guild Auction House】: Guild members can acquire a large number of gold coins through participating in the guild auction house, thus obtaining their desired rare items.

【Guild Red Envelopes】: Guild members can obtain a certain number of new version fashion parts and various rare items by opening red envelopes.

【Daily Sign-In】: Logging into the game daily allows players to sign in and receive a large number of rewards, including horse cards.

【Activity Treasure Chests】: By completing specified levels of activity points daily, players can obtain horse cards in the activity treasure chests, including high-quality mounts and advanced horse cards.

All of the above activities are ways to obtain horse cards for free. To all adventurers who want horse cards, remember to participate!

【Guild Store】: The guild store is an important way for players to exchange for equipment. Players can use contribution points to make purchases in the guild store, but only purple-grade or higher equipment can be exchanged.

【World Boss: Bosses】: The World Boss gameplay is one of the main ways to obtain horse cards, and there is also a certain chance of dropping orange horse cards after killing bosses, but the difficulty of the bosses is higher.

【Arena】: The arena is PvP gameplay between players. Here, you can fight against other players, and after winning, you can obtain rankings and receive corresponding rewards, including Dragon Coins, Dragon Jade Pouches, Elf Star Upgrade Potions, and more.

In addition to these rewards, the guild ranking rewards also include various precious Dragon Coins and diamonds. The higher the guild’s ranking, the more abundant the rewards.

Of course, besides exchanging horse cards in the guild store, you can also exchange for precious items such as Dragon Soul Pouches, Refining Stones, Refinement Stones, and Pandora’s Sparks. If you want horse cards, be sure to actively participate in guild activities and contribute to the guild.

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