Fatal blow! Special Forces sniper’s new sniper mode shocks the scene (Extraordinary aim! Special Forces sniper breaks astonishing shooting range record)

Fatal blow! Special Forces sniper\’s new sniper mode shocks the scene (Extraordi

Fatal blow! Special Forces sniper’s new sniper mode shocks the scene (Extraordinary aim! Special Forces sniper breaks astonishing shooting range record). I believe many buddies are not very clear about this, so let me introduce Fatal blow! Special Forces sniper’s new sniper mode for you. Interested buddies can come and learn about it.

【”Fatal Blow! Special Forces” Newly Added Sniper Rifle Features】

“Weapon of the Ether Storm, Igniting the Universe’s Gloom” – As an excellent sniper, in addition to having extremely powerful firepower, they also have outstanding combat capabilities. Therefore, in the game, sniper battles are one of the main contents that players participate in. “Claude Mosi Disturber” and “Marborov Blitzwilton” and other snipers have joined this test and have gained support and love from many fans.

After the launch of the new sniper gameplay in “Fatal Blow! Special Forces”, many snipers such as “Claude Mosi Disturber” and “Marborov Blitzwilton” (formerly known as Rayvos and Akama) will also land on the battlefield with this update. In addition, “Elly-Metani”, “Anne-Vier” (Xia Xuefu), “Jim Violetto” and other snipers will also log in to the battlefield synchronously. In this version update, we will also launch a brand new sniper mode – “Infiltration” and “Breakout”.

【New Sniper Mode Fully Upgrades Sniper Skill Experience】

After this version update, we will open the new sniper skill “Sniper Master”. Under the new feature of the new profession “Sniper King”, the sniper rifle will have more flexible and accurate characteristics. In the new version, a new “Heavy Artillery” will be added, and its exclusive skill can transform its normal attacks into sniper-specific attacks, and this effect will continue to exist until the target is killed. Under the new feature of the new profession “Sniper Expert”, sniper skills will be greatly improved!

In addition, we will also introduce a new profession “Sniper Instructor”! Based on the exclusive skills of snipers, we have added a “Powerful Ammunition” that can provide strong firepower support in a short period of time. At the same time, “Strong Attack” will make oneself invincible. When the enemy approaches, they can quickly eliminate them! In addition, in the mainline missions and challenge levels, we will also obtain a large number of sniper rifle accessories, which will provide more choices for snipers!

In order to meet the needs of different snipers, we will also add “sniper skills” in this version. At the same time, we have also launched sniper experience cards and special sniper chip props, which are very useful for snipers.

About “Fatal Blow! Special Forces”:

“Fatal Blow! Special Forces” is a first-person shooting mobile game produced and released by the top domestic team Echo. It was officially tested on May 18, 2015. The game adopts a classic nostalgic side-scrolling 2D visual style, with simplified 3D layout and smooth operation experience as the main features. Through exquisite art design, it creates a world full of infinite possibilities.

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