Dragon Raja Mobile Game Howitzer Leveling Tips: How to Improve Efficiency? (Create Invincible Attack Power! Dragon Raja Mobile Game Howitzer Skill Point Strategy Revealed!)

In the Dragon Raja mobile game, the Howitzer class mainly relies on skills such

In the Dragon Raja mobile game, the Howitzer class mainly relies on skills such as Laser Blast, High Energy Blast, and Bombing Storm to deal damage. In PVE dungeons, the Howitzer has very high skill damage output, but is also very fragile. So how can we improve the efficiency of the Howitzer’s leveling? Let’s take a look together with the author.

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First of all, the Howitzer’s damage mainly relies on the skills Laser Blast, High Energy Blast, and Bombing Storm. These two skills have high damage, large area of effect, and short cooldown, making them the highest damage output skills among all skills, so we must prioritize maxing them out. Secondly, the Howitzer’s skills also have a knockback effect, so we must pay attention to our own safety when using skills.

Above are the Howitzer leveling tips brought to you by the author. Hope it can be helpful. For more latest information about the Dragon Raja mobile game, please continue to follow the gaming website.

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Create Invincible Attack Power! Dragon Raja Mobile Game Howitzer Skill Point Strategy Revealed!

As the second advancement career of the Howitzer class in the Dragon Raja mobile game, the Howitzer primarily focuses on offensive capabilities and has strong long-range attack abilities.

In terms of skill points allocation, level 1 Heavy Duck is enough, max out Soul Capturer Summon, Whirling Legs, Floating Adjustment, Evasion, and Waxing, and do not allocate points to other skills.

Gameplay analysis: Since this class belongs to a ranged attacking profession, we need to use Soul Capturer Summon for long-range damage output and use Floating Adjustment to dodge enemy attacks. The Soul Capturer, as a melee damage dealer, is relatively fragile and can be easily eliminated when caught, so we can consider using Floating Adjustment to increase our escape probability while summoning the Soul Capturer for counterattacks. At the same time, we can also use Evasion skill to dodge attacks, achieving better results.


Since most of the Howitzer’s skills have area damage, it is necessary to move and avoid damage while casting skills. At the same time, the Howitzer’s skills have high damage and can also perform well in PVE. Therefore, in the choice of skill points allocation, it is recommended to first max out Soul Capturer Summon, then max out Floating Adjustment, and finally max out Soul Capturer.

Above are the skill point strategies for the Howitzer. Hope you like it!

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