Journey of the Dragon Heir in Divine Realm 2 – The Adventure of Exploring the Mystical Dragon Power (Divine Realm 2 – Dragon Heir: Exploring the Magical Dragon Power)

In Divine Realm 2: Dragon Heir, the mysterious journey of the dragon heir (adven

In Divine Realm 2: Dragon Heir, the mysterious journey of the dragon heir (adventure of exploring the magical dragon power) is created by the player “Eggu”. This game was officially released on March 31st and is now available for download and play!

“Divine Realm 2 – Dragon Heir” is an RPG mobile game set in the ancient Warcraft background. The story unfolds in the dark forest, endless abyss, and hell. In the game, you will play as a mage and fight against evil forces from all over the world. The game features unique and charming scene designs with over 100 different professions to choose from. Each character has its own exclusive abilities and skills. You can control them during battles, use different spells, and cooperate with your teammates.

[Basic Introduction]

The game tells the story of the protagonist, Elisa, starting as an ordinary child and embarking on a journey to protect herself. The game has a large number of main storylines, battles, and side quests. You can constantly grow and eventually become a true hero. The game’s style is also very challenging.

Divine Realm 2 – The Adventure of Exploring the Magical Dragon Power

“Divine Realm 2 – Dragon Heir” is a 3D MMORPG mobile game jointly developed by Beijing Tianma Timespace, a Korean online game developer, and Shanghai Quwan Technology. In the game, players will play as dragon warriors and lead their teams on a magical journey.

When you enter a new continent, you need to continuously collect dragon souls and enhance your own attributes through synthesis. Each element will have an impact on your combat power, and players must rely on dragon flames and dragon blood, two special materials, for battles. Dragon flames can be obtained through daily tasks. At the beginning of the game, players have low combat power and do not have dragon will, so they can only be obtained through dungeon battles. The power of the dragon can be obtained by defeating monsters, but the drop rate is very low. The synthesis materials for dragon blood need to be obtained by defeating giant dragons.

In the mid-game, the attributes of dragon flames and dragon blood will gradually increase. At this time, players need to use the skills of dragon flames to strengthen themselves, which requires the synthesis of dragon language and dragon breath materials. Dragon teeth can be obtained by defeating trolls to obtain dragon energy.

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