S13 Barrel Outfit, Offensive and Defensive, Sweeping the Battlefield! (Global Dominance! S13 Barrel Outfit Shocks the Field!)

S13 Barrel Outfit, Offensive and Defensive, Sweeping the Battlefield! (Global D

S13 Barrel Outfit, Offensive and Defensive, Sweeping the Battlefield! (Global Dominance! S13 Barrel Outfit Shocks the Field!) In the global strategy, the editor found a new hero, S13 Barrel Outfit, offensive and defensive, sweeping the battlefield![Hero Analysis]Barrel is a marksman with extremely strong burst and sustained damage. Barrel’s passive effect allows him to deal considerable physical output damage to enemies in a short period of time. Additionally, Barrel’s normal attacks have additional spell damage effects, allowing him to have high sustained damage in the laning phase.[Skill Analysis]Intoxicated Earth, Rampaging Panda: Barrel’s passive effect allows him to briefly enter a stealth state after using a skill. Barrel’s normal attacks can carry an orb effect, and when Barrel hits an enemy unit with this skill, he will gain a short acceleration effect and reduce a certain percentage of damage taken. Barrel’s first skill can slow down the target, making it useful for initiating team fights. It can also stun the enemy when Barrel pursues them or when they try to escape. Barrel’s ultimate is his main source of damage, and the more enemy units it hits, the higher the damage.Fanatical Barrage: Barrel’s first skill summons a flame that deals spell damage and burn effect to enemies along its path. After using this skill, Barrel can increase his movement speed and periodically leave a trail of fire on the ground. Barrel’s ultimate can gather all enemy units in the area and deal sustained spell damage. It can also deal sustained spell damage to enemy front-line heroes.Solar Shield: Barrel’s second skill provides him with additional armor. When using this skill, Barrel gains a 10-second shield. During the duration of the shield, Barrel’s next three basic attacks will deal spell damage and slow down enemies in the front area. Barrel’s ultimate grants him a brief invincible effect and he enters a stealth state.Ominous Portent: After activating his second skill, Barrel will knock back surrounding enemy heroes and deal a certain amount of spell damage. This skill also provides a certain amount of armor bonus to allies within its range.The above is all the content about S13 Barrel Outfit, Offensive and Defensive, Sweeping the Battlefield! Hope you all like it!Headline: Global Dominance! S13 Barrel Outfit Shocks the Field!In the “League of Legends” S13 season, with the introduction of “Barrel”, many players have started playing this hero like crazy. However, as a strong mid-laner, he still requires skilled operation, so the outfit is very important. Today, the editor brings you a unique global outfit that shocks the field! Let’s learn together.[Equipment Analysis]The first item is boots to increase movement speed for faster pursuit of enemies. The second item is Amplifying Tome to increase damage and spell power. The third item is Mask to enhance self-survival ability. The fourth item is Blade of the Ruined King to improve sustainability. The fifth item is Rabadon’s Deathcap to increase magic damage and penetration. The last item is Spirit Visage to increase survival ability.[Skill Point Allocation]Maximize the first skill, and then the second. Maximize the first skill, and put some points in the second. The first skill is the core skill and main source of damage for Barrel, so it is recommended to maximize it. The third skill is mainly for slow, silence, and stun effects, while the second skill enhances his burst damage, so prioritize leveling it. The first skill is his survival skill and can be used for escape. The last skill is the main source of damage for Barrel when activated together with the passive, so prioritize leveling it. The first skill is his main control skill and can be used to initiate team fights in coordination with teammates.[Rune Recommendation]Use red runes with Mutate for the best combination, use green runes with Eagle Eye, use red runes with Heritage, use blue runes with Concealment, use green runes with Hunting (flexibly adjust according to the lineup), and use green runes with Red Moon to increase attack speed and frequency for easier jungle ganking or supporting teammates.Starting Equipment:Starting Equipment: Ruby Crystal or Cloth Armor + Faery Talisman[Outfit Strategy]Barrel is a hero that requires development because he lacks mobility skills in the early game and struggles against opponents. He also needs to develop quickly, so the recommended starting equipment is carrying Doran’s Shield or a small Health Potion to increase his health. For the second item, choose Amplifying Tome to enhance early mana and increase laning sustainability. For the third item, choose Haunting Guise to increase magic damage. For the fourth item, choose Banshee’s Veil to increase magic resistance and avoid being burst down by mages. For the fifth item, choose Randuin’s Omen to increase dual resistance and reduce the chance of being burst down. For the sixth item, choose Void Staff to reduce the opponent’s physical defense. Finally, choose Mortal Reminder to increase physical damage and prevent enemy assassins from diving in. As the last small item, choose Blade of the Black Cleaver to increase armor penetration and prevent being burst down by mages.[Practical Skills]You can prioritize level 2 in the beginning. Barrel’s early wave-clearing ability is average, so he needs to farm and be mindful of positioning and ultimate usage. Barrel deals high damage but is fragile, so he needs to farm. Barrel’s skills are mostly dependent on basic attacks, so positioning and movement are important. In mid to late-game team fights, Barrel should use his ultimate to restrict opponents, use his second skill’s mobility effect to dodge enemy gap-closing skills, and then use his ultimate’s area-of-effect skill to consume enemy backline DPS. Barrel has strong team fight capabilities, but still requires help from teammates.[Summary]Barrel is a very versatile warrior-type hero, capable in both offense and defense

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