Analysis of Ignis’s Super Special Moves in King of Fighters 2001! (Unique strategy for Ignis in King of Fighters 2001!)

Analysis of Ignis\’s Super Special Moves in King of Fighters 2001! (Unique strate

Analysis of Ignis’s Super Special Moves in King of Fighters 2001! (Unique strategy for Ignis in King of Fighters 2001!) Analysis of Ignis’s Super Special Moves in King of Fighters 2013! Unique strategy for Ignis in King of Fighters 2010!

In this game, I personally think there are two types of Super Special Moves. One type has armor (like Orochi Iori, Kyo Kusanagi, etc.), and the other type has invincibility (like Benimaru, etc.).

First is invincibility. I’ve tried it myself. After using it, immediately press the normal attack button, then jump and use a special move or a super move.

There is no armor in this game, only invincibility (like Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui, etc.). However, the invincibility is determined by the duration of the armor. Super moves with short armor duration will not trigger invincibility during that time (like Benimaru, Mai Shiranui, etc., so it doesn’t exist in this case).

The second type has armor, which is also determined by invincibility. This is the determination of invincibility. Similarly, during invincibility, press the normal attack button and then jump.

The second type has invincibility, which is the determination to ignore everything. This means that if your invincibility time is long enough, you can use this move, but the prerequisite is that you must have armor (like Orochi Iori, Kyo Kusanagi, Robert Garcia, Goro Daimon, etc.).

The invincibility time is shorter than the armor duration.

Finally, armor is not as annoying as invincibility. It only has a certain chance of activation after the armor ends.

The invincibility time is 5 seconds, which means that if you press this invincibility move after the armor ends, you can just keep pressing the normal attack button until the armor disappears or you are knocked away.

Of course, some people may think that there is no armor because you don’t have invincibility, that is, the determination of armor is calculated based on the number of normal attacks.

The invincibility time is longer than the determination of armor.

Personally, I think this determination of invincibility should be relatively difficult to trigger (like Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi, etc.) because this invincibility time is relatively long.

Unique strategy for Ignis in King of Fighters 2001!

In this article, we will see a unique strategy for Ignis in King of Fighters 2010! Let’s take a look together!

Strategy for Ignis in King of Fighters 2013:

Gameplay strategy: In the first round, Ibusuki opens the distance. In the second round, use Kusanagi’s sword to catch the opponent and launch an air combo. In the third round, directly use Yamata no Orochi’s protective skill.

In the second round, Ibusuki approaches first, and when the opponent comes over, use Bahn Sakaki’s two-hit combo. Then just keep using light attacks.

If you don’t have Bahn Sakaki, continue to move around and find opportunities to use light attacks. If the opponent doesn’t use Super Special Moves or blocking skills, you can try using Kyo Kusanagi’s three-jump + two-kick + four-leg sweep to avoid Super Special Moves. If the opponent uses a powerful move, use Chizuru Kagura and Sakazaki Ryuhaku’s two-hit combo + Kusanagi’s sword + Hachimane Qiong Yu.

In the third round, Ibusuki approaches first, uses Kusanagi’s sword to launch the opponent into the air, then continues with a light attack, if the opponent takes two normal attacks after that, follow with Yashiro Nanakase, followed by Sakazaki Ryuhaku’s two-hit combo, and then Sakaki Bahn’s finisher.

After defeating Ibusuki, you should have about 10 points.

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