“King of Fighters 2010 Leads the New Chapter of Fighting Games! (Surpassing Classics, King of Fighters Series Creates Glory Again!)”

King of Fighters 2010 leads the new chapter of fighting games! (Surpassing clas

King of Fighters 2010 leads the new chapter of fighting games! (Surpassing classics, King of Fighters series creates glory again!) Are King of Fighters series players already full of anticipation for the game? Today, the editor brings you a new chapter about “King of Fighters 2016”. As a fighting mobile game, “King of Fighters 2015” will present classic popular characters from a new perspective and create a more exciting world! In order to let players feel the most real, the strongest experience of King of Fighters, we have specially prepared a new chapter for everyone – “I want to create my own legend”.

King of Fighters 2017: Surpassing classics, King of Fighters series creates glory again!

After numerous tests and trials, “King of Fighters 2010” finally welcomes the comprehensive open beta, and the new chapter will be officially launched on May 13th. “King of Fighters 2014” is a 3D side-scrolling action card RPG masterpiece. Based on the current information released, “King of Fighters 2013”, “Street Fighter”, “Kagura Chizuru”, “Blood Battle Soul”, “Darkness Sword”, “Dragon Knight Spirit”, “Super Special Moves”, “Ultimate Combo”, “Shooting Stars”, “Death Reincarnation”.

King of Fighters was once the top organization of fighters in the world. Now, with the continuous release of more exquisite works by fighting game developers, more and more people are joining this big family, resulting in various types of characters. The appearance of these characters is undoubtedly an inspiration for a generation’s memories and dreams, and it is also an opportunity for them to rediscover themselves. It is precisely because of this that our fans have a richer way of interaction and communication!

This time, let us go back to the past again, review the scenes of the past fierce battles, and at the same time, we hope to bring a better gaming experience to every player.

Ten years after King of Fighters, the “Dream Ten-Man Group” is about to return!

The “Dream Ten-Man Group” is created by Japanese manga artist Hán Yukiki. He is the protagonist of the original work and the father of Kusanagi Kyo. He has strong martial arts talent and was called a “genius boy” and a “super warrior” in the original work. He used to be a very young and powerful player.

However, his mother unfortunately passed away for some reason, so he lost his friends Kusanagi Kyo, Shiranui Mai, and many familiar people who would be affected. Later, Kusanagi Kyo set out on a journey to find his older brother and sister…

Twenty years after King of Fighters, the “Matchless Heroes” and the “Hundred Forbidden Taboos”!

“Matchless Heroes” and the “Hundred Forbidden Taboos!”

“Hundred Forbidden Taboos!”

The above is the introduction of the updated content and gameplay by the editor. I believe that everyone has already understood. Hurry up and log in to the mobile game to experience it.

Surpassing classics, King of Fighters series creates glory again!

With the global popularity of the “King of Fighters” series, it has been highly praised by many players. However, from last year till now, “King of Fighters” has gone through nearly 10 years, and it has created a history: the familiar fighters we knew back then have been reworked and re-created glory. And now, “Kusanagi Kyo”, “Kagura Chizuru”, as well as familiar characters such as Iori Yagami, Yashiro Nanakase, and Tung Fu Rue have returned to our sight!

In order to let experienced players better understand these classic characters, “King of Fighters 3D Mobile Game” has also added many new gameplay and content! Among them, the development system of fighters has undergone many changes. For example, the skills, equipment, combo moves, etc. of fighters have been optimized and adjusted, and a new combat mechanism called “Combo Mode” has been added.

In addition to combos, “King of Fighters 3D Mobile Game” also incorporates many interesting new elements and gameplay. For example, the “Link” mechanism in the game is a “combination technique”. Players can freely form a set of combination lineups with certain characteristics, and opponents need to predict and attack through positioning; in the King of Fighters series, players can freely choose their favorite combo and use various special attack techniques against the enemy. In addition, “King of Fighters 3D Mobile Game” also added some gameplay such as “Arena”, “Ladder Match”, “Cross-Server Match”, etc., allowing players to enjoy more joy on the arena.

In addition to the above special contents, players can also collect many rare cards and fragments in the game. For example, the character setting of “Street Fighter” is the soul of a dragon turtle with powerful special skills; the character design of “Hot-Blooded Youth” is a mark of a giant snake known for its super strength. When they gather these five cards, they can form a complete team and create a combination with powerful destructive power. In addition, players can also obtain some rare items such as gold coins, diamonds, and experience potions through some in-game activities.

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