God General’s Heavy Gunner Build, Invincible in Battle! (Extraordinary Marksmanship, Leading the Way!)

God General\’s Heavy Gunner Build, Invincible in Battle! (Extraordinary Marksmans

God General’s Heavy Gunner Build, Invincible in Battle! (Extraordinary Marksmanship, Leading the Way!) The Heavy Gunner in God General is a very powerful class because it can inflict a lot of damage. However, without an increase in attack power, the heavy gun becomes useless. Therefore, the author suggests that players allocate skill points to [Pojun], [Longdan], or [Overlord Marksmanship] (increases critical hit rate) in order to maximize damage output in battles. This ensures both survivability and a boost in critical hit rate, allowing the heavy gunner’s abilities to shine. Of course, this is just the author’s personal opinion.

Extraordinary Marksmanship, Leading the Way!

Marksmanship is one of the most popular martial arts in “Extraordinary Marksmanship” and is the ultimate goal pursued by many martial artists. In the game, the subtleties of marksmanship are showcased, helping players easily pass levels. Marksmanship is not just a melee weapon attack method, it also has powerful AOE damage. In the early stages of the game, players only need to follow the guided tasks step by step. As their level increases, they will unlock more gun technique skills.

As a mobile action game, marksmanship’s core feature is high mobility, allowing players to perform continuous strikes with light or heavy attacks. When players reach level 20, the second ultimate move of marksmanship will be unlocked, allowing for charging and jumping attacks. The third ultimate move of marksmanship can deal massive damage to enemies in a rectangular area in front, while significantly increasing the player’s critical hit chance for a short period of time.

In “Extraordinary Marksmanship,” gun techniques can be used for ranged attacks, as well as quickly approaching enemies and outputting damage through combo skills. In battle, players can also dodge and evade, and after evading, they can either pursue or retreat, changing their movement direction using the reverse arrow key, making marksmanship more flexible and agile!

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