Play Popular Mobile Games and Enjoy Discounted Treats! (Fresh discount mobile games, enjoy unique game fun!)

Play popular mobile games and enjoy discounted treats! (Fresh discount mobile g

Play popular mobile games and enjoy discounted treats! (Fresh discount mobile games, enjoy unique game fun!) Play popular mobile games, enjoy discounted treats! (Fresh discount mobile games!)

“Hot Pursuit”, “Naruto”, and many other mobile games under Tencent are based on their exquisite and delicate design as well as rich and exciting storyline, allowing players to experience the most authentic fun in the game. In order to meet the needs of different users for various products, playing popular mobile games has also launched a limited-time welfare activity – “Hot Pursuit”. As long as you participate in “Hot Pursuit” (click to enter), you will receive a discount special offer package!

Activity rules: After purchasing goods on this page, click [Shop] – [Coupon Exchange] in the game to participate.

Coupon usage period: From now until 23:59 on June 10th.

Activity content: During the event period, each game character can enjoy using the coupon once, and the validity period of the discount card is 7 days; coupons can be used in the mall redemption interface (each coupon can only be redeemed once).

Notes: Activity rewards will be distributed to your account within 30 working days after the end of the activity.

Reminder: This activity only applies to characters with the same account in multiple channels;

“Blade of Flames”.

Fresh discount mobile games, enjoy unique game fun!

“Myth Legend” mobile game is an RPG online game adapted from the same-name PC game. This game perfectly combines the battle gameplay, role-playing, and social elements in traditional card games. In this work, “Myth Legend” is a beautifully designed 3DMMORPG masterpiece full of personality. Players can choose their own favorite style to play the game according to their preferences and share the joy with friends.

As a mobile game with the theme of Western magic, “Myth Legend” also has excellent graphics! In the game, you can not only experience the cute and distinctive character designs, but also release cool skills in battles.

In addition to the traditional storyline mode, “Myth Legend” also provides many innovative content. For example, in the level battles, players will incarnate as “hunters” to adventure in various dungeons; when you encounter a boss, you can also transform into an elite warrior to kill him!

It is worth mentioning that “Myth Legend” is also very unique in terms of graphics. It has the original voice actors from classic PC online games joining the production team. In terms of music, we use extremely realistic sound effects to show the most smooth and immersive music effects – whether it is from the impact experience, special effects feedback, or overall operation experience, it is top-notch. Of course, in order to ensure the balance of the game, certain improvements have also been made in art. “Myth Legend” mobile game’s performance in game quality, graphics, and other aspects is not comparable to other mobile games, and it may not even match certain mainstream action RPG mobile games.

“Myth Legend” (The Game of Ego) will be launched on all platforms on December 11th!

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