Revisit Classic Arcade, the Battle of Sweat and Fun! (2021 Arcade Popularity Resurgence, Classic Games Resurge!)

Revisit Classic Arcade, the Battle of Sweat and Fun! (2021 Arcade Popularity Re

Revisit Classic Arcade, the Battle of Sweat and Fun! (2021 Arcade Popularity Resurgence, Classic Games Resurge!) “Revisit Classic Arcade”, the Battle of Sweat and Fun!

Co-developed by Tencent Games and Warner Bros., the official version of “Magical Cube 2” based on the world’s first 3D action mobile game “Memory Blade” ranked first in the 2021 popularity rankings. As the first domestic classic side-scrolling fighting web game, “Memory Blade” has excellent visual performance and rich gameplay, making it popular among players; at the same time, “Memory Blade” has also been sought after by many players.

Recently, “Memory Blade” officially announced its entry into the Chinese market and quickly climbed to the top ten best-seller list, with a popularity value of over 10 million. Popular single-player games such as “Fantasy Westward Journey 2” and “Immortal World” have received the popularity and support of this game and gained a large number of users’ support and praise. Now this classic IP mobile game is gradually being known to the public, and it is one of the most anticipated works; it is worth mentioning that this time the “Mini Thunder: Blood Battle” will land on the mobile platform and will be synchronized online on iOS/Android, and there will be new characters and various new systems added to the game.

Although many people have entered the test server for trial play, many people are still disappointed with this masterpiece. “My friends, I really hope you can find out at the first time.” This is a player from the Korean-Japanese region expressing his choice and feelings.

2021 Arcade Popularity Resurgence, Classic Games Resurge!

With the arrival of September 2020, the popularity of arcade games continues to rise. In the past period of time, classic games that once swept the major rankings such as “Devil May Cry,” “Assassin’s Creed,” “Naruto Mobile Game,” “Tian Long Ba Bu 3D,” “Diablo III,” “Sacred Battleground,” and so on, have been enthusiastically embraced by many players, with more than 100 old players returning to this game. “The resurgence of the 2021 arcade craze” is also one of the reasons that make people excited. Popular games such as “Dead Sea Abyss” and “Deadly Reckoning 2: Remake” (SLG for short) have gradually entered the domestic market. Among them, “Resident Evil 8” quickly topped the top ten best-selling list and became the most popular multiplayer competitive mobile web game in the world!

As a side-scrolling fighting mobile game operated by Tencent, it has successfully ranked second in the iOS free ranking, while its web game “Gate of Hell” has become the first masterpiece of the series with excellent visuals, rich gameplay, and diverse level design, attracting the pursuit and love of the public.

In addition, recently, “Contra: Return” (tentative name) and more popular action mobile games will also be launched on Steam and Google Play stores. This year, the release of “Street Fighter: Journey of Glory” has also attracted the attention of many players.

In addition to the above two, “Guangyu Interactive” (Chinese name “Little Peter Pan”), also made its debut today. From the picture, it can be seen that the newly added works “Peerless Twins” and “Monster Hunter: World” both have high popularity, and the various special contents in the game also attract a large number of users to experience. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the login time of “World of Warcraft” has exceeded the limit of 100 days and has received nearly a hundred positive reviews.

Previously, many veteran fans have started to participate in “Endless Abyss 4: Resurgence”. However, for these new players, the game’s popularity is not high due to the issues with the game itself and the unknown status of some data. But fortunately, among these two versions, “Ghost Captain: Wilderness Survival” (English name: Gta5A/PC version name) and “Time and Space Chaos” (Electronic name: Epic Games)

These three mobile games are called top products in the mobile game platform and have high popularity in the current mobile game market.

The above is the relevant strategy of “Onmyoji” mobile game brought by the editor today. Do you all understand it? Hope this strategy can help you. Please follow the mobile game website for more mobile game strategies!

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