All Characters in Dynasty Warriors: Who’s Your Favorite? (In-depth Analysis: What Stories Do They Hide Behind?)

All Characters in Dynasty Warriors: Who\’s Your Favorite? (In-depth Analysis: Wh

All Characters in Dynasty Warriors: Who’s Your Favorite? (In-depth Analysis: What Stories Do They Hide Behind?) Many players may not be familiar with this aspect, so let me introduce all the characters in Dynasty Warriors: Who’s Your Favorite? (In-depth Analysis) Interested players can come and find out.

1. Cao Cao from the Wei Kingdom

In the game, Cao Cao plays the roles of Cao Ren (Xiahou Dun), Cao Pi, and Liu Bei’s third brother. Cao Cao is a talented military general and the son of Shu Kingdom’s lord, Zhuge Liang. He is not only exceptionally capable but also possesses outstanding historical talents. He, along with Zhao Yun, are known as the “Heroes of Chaos”.

2. Sun Quan from the Wu Kingdom

Sun Quan was a famous general during the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He was appointed as the Grand Commander and later proclaimed himself emperor, inheriting his father’s ambition to become the emperor.

3. Taishi Ci from the Wu Kingdom

He is a prominent figure in the Shu Kingdom and also the wife of the Overlord of Western Chu, Zhou Yu.

4. Lu Bu from various factions

Lu Bu, the father of Lu Bu, practiced swordsmanship since childhood under his parents’ guidance and eventually joined the forces of the Military Advisor League. As a fierce warrior known for his ability to kill enemies, he gradually grows in strength.

5. Dian Wei from the Wei Kingdom

Dian Wei is an experienced and important figure in the Wei Kingdom. He possesses a strong physique and formidable leadership skills. He is also well-versed in various military strategies. His skills are comprehensive, with high attack power and health.

6. Sun Shangxiang from the Wu Kingdom

She used to be a talented woman, but unfortunately lost her life…

7. Huang Gai from various factions

In “Dynasty Warriors,” Huang Gai is depicted as a brave and wise character. Despite being a young girl, she possesses excellent strength and intriguing strategies.

Above is a simple introduction to the all characters in Dynasty Warriors: Who’s Your Favorite? I hope it is helpful for all players!

In-depth Analysis: What Stories Do They Hide Behind?

In the game “Dynasty Warriors,” each general has a different background story. So, what secrets do they hide in the storyline of this mobile game? Today, let’s take a deeper look into the stories hidden behind the characters of Dynasty Warriors.

Zhao Yun

As an honest person, Zhao Yun’s image has always been in line with his name. However, the character of Zhao Yun is truly a cool and handsome guy! Zhao Yun is an assassin-type character who is ruthless and domineering. He has high burst damage and strong control skills. Although he lacks control abilities on the battlefield, he has a powerful survival ability.

Guan Yu

From the beginning of the game’s introduction, it can be seen that Guan Yu is a hero focused on physical damage. However, as Guan Yu grows, his attack power becomes remarkable, and he can deal tons of damage instantly. In the early stages, Guan Yu is a formidable warrior.

Sun Ce

At the beginning of the game, Sun Ce is a tank-type warrior. He is positioned as a warrior character, but in later stages, he becomes more like a tank. Sun Ce’s attributes are relatively balanced, and he also has strong control abilities.

Ma Chao

Ma Chao is an extremely violent output hero. In the game’s positioning, he is a long-range output character. However, in his later development, Ma Chao’s attributes become exceptionally powerful. He possesses high attack power and critical strike ability, making him an excellent hero with strong output capabilities.

Huang Zhong

Huang Zhong is a mage-type profession in the game but is a long-range shooter. However, he is positioned as a physical output character in the game, and his output ability is relatively low. Nevertheless, Huang Zhong possesses extremely high damage and burst power in battles.

Liu Bei

Liu Bei is positioned as a melee magic damage output profession. But in the game, he is a melee assassin characterized by high physical attack power and a decent defense ability.

Zhuge Liang

As an outstanding military strategist during the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang is one of the famous characters in history known as a talented writer and novelist. But in the game, Zhuge Liang is a mysterious character. He has high intelligence and talent. He is an essential character for players to play. Moreover, he has an excellent team ability, making him a comprehensive general who can help teammates achieve victory.

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